TRP Fitness Club


Encouraging student well-being through healthy active living and community, one workout at a time.


In the TRP Fitness Club, we value community, vulnerability, determination, and achievement (however big or minor the achievement may be). To ensure these core values are represented, our club will continue to foster a welcoming and judgment-free environment so that group exercise can remain a positive experience for all.

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The TRP Fitness Club is the first student-led exercise group within the Translational Research Program (TRP) looking to improve student mental health, physical health, and overall experience with fun exercise! Promoting an inclusive and positive environment, the TRP Fitness Club offers a great opportunity to learn more about healthy active living and to encourage the building of relationships within the TRP community. The weekly workout sessions are created collaboratively and incorporate exercises with varying difficulties including beginner-friendly exercises and alternative techniques.

 Although we encourage TRP Fitness Club members to work hard towards their fitness goals, health and safety is always the priority! Therefore, please consult your doctor before taking part in any new exercise routine. Also, please note that our student team does not consist of certified personal trainers and cannot give professional fitness advice.

Our Blog:

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Fighting Fit In The Pandemic: TRP Students Offer Fitness Classes To Combat Zoom Fatigue

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Team & Topic Introduction Post

Team & Topic Introduction Post

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Our Team

Role: Blog Curator 

Personal Statement:

Bio: I graduated from U of T with a Bachelor of Science degree where I completed a double major in Neuroscience and Physiology. Driven by a desire to directly help patients, I then worked as a clinical research assistant at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. I am excited to continue to explore healthcare research through the Translational Research Program as a second-year student. 

Favourite Sport(s): I love swimming, dancing, and basketball! 

Favourite Workout Type(s): Strength Training. 

Favourite Healthy Snack(s): Strawberry yogurt and pecans.  

Why TRP FC? To promote a healthy active lifestyle among students during a time where screen time exceeds scenery time. 

Role: Blog Curator

Personal Statement:

Bio: I’m currently a TRP student. I have a Bachelor of Pharmacy and professional experience in pharmacy practice in both community and hospital-based settings. As a pharmacist and a former resource coordinator for senior living options, I am passionate about pharmaceutical care, particularly in older adults.  

Favourite Sport(s):  Soccer with my children, walking and running. 

Favourite Workout Type(s) Outdoor walking and yoga. 

Favourite Healthy Snack(s)Apples and fruit yogurt with oats. 

Reason for Joining TRP FC: As the world has gone virtual, it is important now more than ever to care about our physical fitness and mental health and promote healthier lifestyles among students. Joining TRP FC is a great opportunity to achieve these goalsalong with the added component of socialization and having fun! 

Role: Blog Curator

Personal Statement:

BioMomPaediatric Research Coordinator, and TRP Student 

Favourite Sport(s)Cross-Country Skiing, Swimming, Paddelboarding, Soccer and Badminton 

Favourite Workout(s): Daily walking 

Favourite Healthy Snack(s)Ideally, I eat throughout the day so have water and a variety of snacks on-hand (fresh fruit/veg, nuts, home baking, yoghurt) 

Why TRP FC? While doing our best to become effective translators of research that aim to improve health, recognizing and promoting a balance between sedentary learning and movement is important.  

Role: Chair

Personal Statement:

Bio: I am a current TRP student and a recent graduate from the University of Toronto Life Sciences program (BSc Hons) with a double major in Neuroscience and Molecular and Cell Biology. I have always been fascinated by the brain and have interests in neuroinflammation and neuroplasticity.  

Favourite Sport(s):  Volleyball (beach or indoor) is my favourite sport as I have played competitively for many years! I also enjoy playing basketball, tennis, soccer, and softball.   

Favourite Workout(s)Strength training, HIIT, and outdoor running!   

Favourite Healthy Snack(s): A fresh fruit smoothie, a fun salad, or mixed nuts with dried cranberries. 

Why TRP FC?  After 6-10 hours of online classes and/or meetings every school day, it is not uncommon to feel fatigued and unmotivated to exercise. Seeing how problematic this could be to the physical and mental health of students in our program, I created the TRP Fitness Club to encourage regular physical activity and socialization in between classesWith this club, students who haven’t met others in person yet can still feel part of a community as it fosters a positive and inclusive environment for fitness goal setting. 

Role: Secretary

Personal Statement:

BioI am a recent graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Medical Sciences from Brock UniversityI am also an advocate for better healthcare for BIPOC communities and am a first year TRP student.  

Favourite Sport(s): Soccer, yoga, and badminton 

Favourite Workout(s): HIIT, hiking, strength trainingand any type of cardio. 

Favourite Healthy Snack(s)I love a good fruit smoothie or a homebaked oatmeal bar. 

Why TRP FC? I miss being able to get active outside with my friends and TRP FC is a great opportunity to do this! We not only continue to move our bodies and motivate one another while doing it, but we also have a lot of fun.  

Role: Social Media Lead

Personal Statement:

Bio: I am a recent graduate from McMaster’s Honours Chemical Biology program. I am also a research and science communication enthusiast and first year TRP student. 

Favourite Sport(s): Rock climbing, swimming, softballand spikeball. 

Favourite Workout(s): A good ab workout and hiking. 

Favourite Healthy Snack(s): Fruit or smoothies! 

Why TRP FC? Being a student in the pandemic is tough. When all your classes are online, it is easy to forget to prioritize your physical health and well-being. Joining the TRP FC was a way to connect with and encourage others to maintain healthy mindset and find ways to be physically active despite the circumstances. 

Role: Vice-Chair

Personal Statement:

Bio: I am currently a first year TRP student. I recently graduated from McMaster University with a BSc (Hons) in Life Sciences, with an interest in health equity, social determinants of health, and global health. 

Favourite Sport(s): Volleyball, tennis, and swimming. 

Favourite Workout(s): I love workouts that don’t really feel like you’re working out, like dancing or hiking. 

Favourite Healthy Snack(s): I love yogurt parfait with honey and blackberries. It’s my go-to snack. I also really like dried fruit and nuts (cashews, almonds, etc.). 

Why TRP FC? I noticed that with virtual learning and Ontario lockdowns, it became increasingly easy to be sat by your desk for hours and hours on end. The fitness club serves as a great reminder to be more active and provides a great environment for others with a similar desire to be more active to encourage each other. 

- Agnes Ryzynski, 2018 Cohort

The TRP program is an excellent opportunity to learn new effective techniques that facilitate change. It challenges you to think and do things differently, ask the right questions and feel excited about problems. Everything I learn in the program, I can immediately apply to my work. Also, the networking opportunities and small class sizes allow me to practise new skills in a safe environment.