TRP competencies

TRP Focuses on transferable competencies

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TRP competencies

TRP Focuses on transferable competencies

TRP Degree Level Competencies

The TRP works with students to help them:

Be more Adaptable


·     Demonstrates alternative ways to achieve goals

·     Demonstrates resourcefulness and alternative ways of action

·     Works independently or as a part of a team

·     Navigates ambiguity and uncertainty


Be more Creative Problem Solvers


·     Discovers, assesses, prioritizes situations to identify problems

·     Recognizes, restructures and evaluates multiple dimensions of a problem


Be better Critical Thinkers


·     Applies the information from a variety of sources

·     Locates, accesses, gathers, organizes, analyzes, and synthesizes information

·     Seeks, evaluates and prioritizes different points of view


Be more Effective Communicators


·     Accesses, understands and conveys information

·     Actively listens and asks questions to understand

·     Effectively Reads, writes, and presents skills


Show more Initiative


·     Embraces opportunities

·     Proposes, shares, tests and implements ideas into concepts

·     Set goals and priorities

·     Shows resourcefulness and effort


Develop their Leadership


·     Works and understands the dynamics of a team

·     Provides direction

·     Enables others to perform

·     Implements and monitors the plan of action

·     Plan and manage time and resources


Strive for Continuous Learning

·     Assesses personal strengths and areas for development

·     Demonstrates a willingness to grow

·     Identifies and accesses learning opportunities and sources


Manage & Resolve Conflict


·     Develops resolution strategies

·     Identifies conflict

·     Implements and monitors the plan of action


Manage Risk better

·     Establishes, implements and monitors progress and contingencies

·     Moderates uncertainty


Demonstrate Professional Integrity


·     Demonstrates Honesty, integrity and personal & professional ethics

·     Takes personal accountability and social responsibility for your actions


Be better at Relationship Management


·     Establishes and maintains professional networks

·     Shows respect for others and alternative points of view


Demonstrate better Team Collaboration


·     Accepts and provides feedback

·     Shares information, work and expertise

·     Contributes actively and effectively


Naomi’s Testimonial

Naomi’s Testimonial

“The TRP not only teaches us new skills but immediately lets us practice them in applied settings. It’s a dynamic, unusual way of learning that means that I feel prepared for real-world situations and challenges.”

- Naomi Zingman-Daniels, 2018 Cohort