Zoya Retiwalla for the TRP | July 23, 2021

Cannabis is a plant that contains biologically active substances in its leaves, flowers, and buds and their extracts. Medical cannabis can help treat symptoms like pain, nausea, and lack of appetite. It may be prescribed by doctors and physicians to people who have conditions like cancer, AIDS, or multiple sclerosis.

Recently, our clinical student Dr. Shayan Bashir who works at DermEdge meet with the Applied Clinical Research Post-Graduate (ACR) class from Bay River College to discuss the fascinating research that he is involved in the study of Medical Cannabis.

At this interactive session, Shayan covered important topics including ‘the emergence of this field’, ‘the kind of research being conducted’, ‘limitations and scope of clinical research’, and ’emerging research in this influence evidence-informed practice’.

You can watch this insightful session on-demand here:

You can find more information about Medical Cannabis Research on this Government of Canada weblink: Cannabis research and data