Timely Project – Providing U of T students with timely access to professional mental health support


Long wait times for one-on-one psychological and psychiatric services at H&W.
Need: Timely access to one-on-one psychological and psychiatric services at H&W in accordance to the guidelines and benchmarks established by the Canadian Psychiatry Association.

Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are rising each year amongst post-secondary students in Canada (Luke, 2014; Vuchnich & Chai, 2013; Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, 2013). Main causes of students’ mental instability include stress arising from academic standing concerns, financial burdens, job prospect uncertainties, social alienation and difficulty transitioning from high school to postsecondary education (Guo, Wang, Johnson & Diaz, 2011; Flatt, 2013). The ability to access mental health support is critical for university students, as they are uniquely vulnerable to mental health problems given the constant stressful environment that they are subjected to. Not only are mental wellness resources helpful to the majority of students within the school, but they can also be lifesaving to those who are diagnosed with mental illnesses. These resources can provide students with support and in turn a sense of community, and may even offer some immediate help between professional counseling and psychiatric appointments.

Capstone Team: 

Gurpreet Kamboj
Tiffanie Kei
Cheryl Tsui
Lily Ye


Capstone Advisory Committee:

Liam Kaufman
Dr. Andrea Levinson
Janine Robb


TRP Faculty Lead:

Dr. Steve Szigeti