Patient, provider and health system stakeholder perspectives on the use of artificial intelligence technology in primary care: a study protocol


With applications of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to primary care data still limited, a unique opportunity exists to engage key stakeholders in defining the future. This study aims to describe the views, values and needs of key stakeholders regarding AI in primary care. We will conduct deliberative dialogue sessions (n=2) in Toronto, Ontario with 20-30 purposively sampled representative key stakeholders, including primary care patients, frontline primary care providers and health services leaders. Dialogues will involve facilitated discussions of the appropriate uses for AI in primary care both within and among participant groups, with a specific focus on machine learning prediction tools. Topics for deliberation include privacy and consent, management of ethical concerns such as bias or explainability, and organizational or system-level constraints to implementation. We will thematically analyze results using an interpretive descriptive approach, with findings directly informing a series of similar dialogues we plan to conduct in Newfoundland and Labrador, British Columbia and Manitoba.

Capstone Team: 

Tara Upshaw


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Dr. Edyta Marcon