Optimizing the Usability of Hospital Antibiograms: A Step Towards Efficient Diagnostic Stewardship


Appropriate prescription of antibiotics is vital to decrease the spread of antibiotic resistance. Multiple methods have been devised by Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in hospitals to decrease antibiotic resistance: one such method is the consultation of antibiogram. Studies have supported that their implementation reduces the number of prescriptions in clinical institutions. Yet, there is a significant lack of antibiogram consultation both in hospitals and primary care. In order to improve their usability, there is a need to identify and address the barriers leading to their lack of consultation. More specifically, the following research questions need to be explored:

1. What are the personal and organizational barriers to the use of antibiogram?
2. What can be done to increase the usability of the antibiogram in clinical settings?

Capstone Team: 

Ayesha Athar
Kaitlyn Gonsalves


Capstone Advisory Committee:

Linda Dresser
Derek MacFadden
Allison McGeer
Andrew Morris
Susan Poutanen


TRP Faculty Lead:

Dr. Edyta Marcon