Improving the Patient Experience in the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic


The Sunnybrook Pre-Anesthesia Clinic (PAC) aims to optimize patients for their surgical procedure by providing them with critical information for their journey in addition to allowing the anesthesiologist to coordinate patient care prior to and during the day of procedure. Ultimately, this step allows for better overall outcomes for patients by reducing the risk of surgical complications and improving the patient recovery post surgery. However, literature has reported that prolonged wait times at the clinics, poor understanding of the surgical procedure and overall negative patient satisfaction can be seen as burdensome and can result in preoperative anxiety. This has the potential to negatively impact the patient by contributing to downstream effects, from increased recovery times to increased medication requirements to postoperative complications and pain. In 2018, a preliminary needs assessment conducted by our team observed some of these findings with patients and care providers within the PAC. In our investigation, we hope to employ a patient-centered approach in identifying patient needs and co-creating a strategy to develop a more holistic care experience within the PAC. In undertaking this QI study within the clinic, we hope to align with the Strategic Directions of Sunnybrook Hospital by aiming to Improve Quality and Creating a Better Care Experience for the patient.

Capstone Team: 

Raja Ravi
Agnes Ryzynski
Andrew Wan


Capstone Advisory Committee:

D. Fahad Alam
Dr. Leslie Gotlib-Conn
Ellie Lee


TRP Faculty Lead:

Dr. Richard Foty