April 19, 2016

Translational Research By Design (Pilot Initiative) — TRxD

Information Form // Application Process

The Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) is an engine of discovery and clinical insights.  Transforming the vast quantity of research and innovation into applications that advance patient outcomes and experience requires a specialized core ‘translational’ skill set.  The Translational Research Program is a 2-year Professional Masters Program devoted to developing translational thinking through a facilitated “Learning by Doing” approach.  Our students focus on initiating and expediting translational projects to improve patient experience and outcomes.

Goal: To ENABLE and SUPPORT ‘future translators’ affiliated with TAHSN hospitals identify and expedite promising translational projects within their institutions while earning a Master’s Degree in Health Science. 


  1. Hospital Partners help identify, and nominate potential “translational” trainees;
  2. Nominated trainees apply to the School of Graduate Studies and include their Nomination letter from the hospital partner or department (nomination template or online form here).
  3. Applicants accepted into the TRP as part of the Translation by Design Initiative will receive $5000 towards their first year’s tuition from the Institute of Medical Science.
  4. In the program trainees will focus their translational research capstone projects on the patient and research needs of their affiliated institution or department.
  5. When they design their translational Capstone Project and it is approved, the affiliated institution or department will provide at least $5000 as seed funding to be used on approved costs associated with their project.

Benefits to Trainees:

  • An opportunity to execute a facilitated Translational Research Project within the hospital context;
  • The opportunity to hone core transferable skills;
  • Reduced tuition and project seed funding;
  • An opportunity to build community and network around issues of innovation and knowledge translation; and
  • Earn a Master’s of Health Science in Translational Research degree.

Benefits to Patients & Hospitals:

  • The opportunity to identify future translators;
  • The chance to identify and expedite promising existing or ongoing research for translation towards application;
  • Applied training for trainees that focuses on tangible needs and outcomes; and
  • The opportunity to foster and engage in a TR community of applied health science innovation.

For more information on how to participate contact:

Joseph Ferenbok, PhD
Director, Translational Research Program
Institute of Medical Science

Tel: (416) 978-4474