Translational Research By Design (TRxD)

What is TRxD?

Translation by Design (TRxD) is a donor-supported matching fund intended for faculty and professionals interested in health impact AND earning a Master’s Degree in Translational Research.

Faculty, researchers and other professionals at hospitals, government or industry, when accepted into the TRP, can leverage $5,000 in tuition funding when their institution commits a match of $5,000 towards their Translational Capstone Project.

You can work on a Capstone Project, earn a graduate degree, and learn to be a better translator all while receiving up to $10,000 in tuition and project support.

For more information on the program (or to donate) contact:
Tel: (416) 978-4474

Benefits to Trainees

    • * An opportunity to execute a facilitated Translational Research Project within the hospital or industry context
      * The opportunity to hone core transferable skills
      * Reduced tuition and project seed funding
      * An opportunity to build community and network around issues of innovation and knowledge translation
      * Earn a Master’s of Health Science in Translational Research degree

Benefits to patients, hospitals, and industry partners

    • * The opportunity to identify future translators
      * The chance to identify and expedite promising existing or ongoing research for translation towards application
      * The opportunity to foster and engage in a TR community of applied health science innovation


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