Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are a good way to build experience and supplement income during your program.  Students are not encouraged to TA for more than 10 hours per week as this may slow down program progress.

Teaching Assistanships for TRP courses are posted on the Website as they become available but are generally reserved for second year students who have already completed the classes they are supporting.  TA’s are usually hired for MSC 1000, MSC 1003, MSC 2021 and MSC4000, but this is subject to enrollment and need.

As neither IMS nor TRP currently have undergraduate programs, students interested in TAs may pursue opportunities across campus.  If you need help looking for TA opportunities, come talk to the TRP team.

CUPE3902 is the teaching assistants union at UofT; their website provides additional information on terms and conditions of employment, benefits, pay rates, etc.

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