Calling all Innovators, Researchers, Investigators and PI’s!
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MHSc in Translational Research


Do you have a research project with Translational potential? 

Do you want to see a project have a positive IMPACT on health, medicine and care?

Through this program, students will form a Translational Support Team and leverage translational expertise to pave the way for your project’s implementation. The aim is to help accelerate, verify, assess, and develop research and projects with translational, innovative or commercial potential! Students could research the space, conduct a preliminary needs analysis to validate the opportunity/unmet need, explore implementation pathways, regulatory strategies, create strategic translational plans, and so much more!  

Translational Support Pilot Program (TSP2).


To advance research mobilization in Health Sciences. 

The program will run from May 25 – July 27th and will help investigators, clinicians, researchers and innovators take their projects, research and ideas to the next level.  
Through our hands-on module on Translational Thinking, the TRP, will be providing students with guidance as they work on your project throughout the summer. 
You are invited to submit research-based project ideas (with Translational potential) for translational support using this FORM by May 12, 2023. 
We will review, assess and work with you to create a project plan with useful deliverables. Examples could include needs assessments, strategy plans, regularity work and identification, commercialization strategy and analysis, and more. 
Leverage student learning to complement your expertise! 
Participation is voluntary.  There is no cost to the PI or lab for participation. 
Final Projects will be presentedJuly 27, 2023