Ms. Neerjah Skantharajah


Cohort 2019

Brief Bio:

Neerjah's background in Psychology and Music Cognition has given her a unique perspective on the impact that music can have on healthcare. As a Research Assistant at the Music, Acoustics, Perception, and Learning Lab she worked on a project which used different sound profiles to decrease desensitization to medical alarms. She hopes to translate this type of research in the future to combat the issue of alarm fatigue. While completing her undergraduate degree she also volunteered with Fountains of Uke, a program dedicated to bridging the intergenerational gap between seniors and children. This experience exposed her to the living conditions and mental health states of seniors living in retirement and long-term care homes. As a result, she is passionate about finding ways to improve the quality of life of those living in LTC and retirement homes. She hopes to continue following healthcare issues that spark her interest and working towards solving them with the skills she learns through the TRP.



McMaster University Digital Music Lab

Publications and Media