Dr. Shazmeen Shahed


Affiliations: Michael Garron Hospital

Clinical Researcher, Clinical Researcher

Research Interests:

The intersection of healthcare, technology and entrepreneurship is an interesting junction: - To reverse engineer sustainable products that will deliver personalized healthcare in the field of coronary artery disease, thus reducing the period of hospitalizations and improving the efficiency of the system - To build an effective model that leads to increase in accessibility of healthcare

Brief Bio:

Growing up across three countries in the Middle East and South Asia was an enriching experience. As a multi-linguist, to obtain exposure to a country teeming with culture and the opportunity to add yet another language to my repertoire, I chose to pursue medical school in China. To apply the skills learnt during medical school to a different setting, I chose to practice medicine in my country of origin, India. During this period, to expand my understanding of health care delivery in the global domain, I learnt from physicians in the U.S. at Mount Sinai Heart, NY and MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston. I moved to Canada soon after to reunite with family in Toronto. I took up clinical research in medicine and cardiology to understand the healthcare system better while taking exams to get licensed in Canada.

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