Ms. Razan B Rawdat

BSc, MHSc, BSc, MHSc


Research Interests:

Brief Bio:

Razan is a TRP alumna with a passion for improving health outcomes by transferring research to action. During her studies, she completed two collaborative degrees: Knowledge Media Design, diving deeper into the world of UX Design, and Resuscitation Sciences, feeding her interest in ambulatory care. She has experience collaborating on interdisciplinary UX/UI projects with OpenLab (University Health Network), and she now applies her skills as a Knowledge Translation Coordinator at the Aphasia Institute. Razan also sits on the board of the Canadian Association of Ambulatory Care.

Capstone Project:

Despite existence of nutrition education programs, many cancer patients are not implementing recommendations into their daily lives.

Nutrition plays a key role in the recovery and treatment experience for cancer patients. Multiple programs exist in Toronto to educate patients as to what they should eat to improve their recovery. These programs also provide meal preparation tips that consider treatment side effects, ingredient seasonality, convenience, and more.

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