Ms. Maytal Perlman

BKI (Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, Speech Communication Minor, Collaborative Design Specialization), BKI (Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, Speech Communication Minor, Collaborative Design Specialization)


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Brief Bio:

Maytal recently graduated from the Knowledge Integration program at the University of Waterloo. She believes the ethos of human-centred design is acutely relevant to healthcare, and when paired with rich scientific knowledge, it can be leveraged to increase the impact of research on health, care and wellbeing. Maytal is interested in exploring how design and collaboration practices can be used to improve patient care and healthcare outcomes. She is particularly interested in applying the principles of behavioural economics to increase the uptake of evidence in clinical decision-making. Maytal’s academic interests are varied, and include philosophy of science, health sciences, collaborative design, and drama & speech communication.

Capstone Project:

Cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating event that results in upper limb paralysis, loss of independence, and disability. At an estimated lifetime cost of $3 million, cervical SCI places a substantial economic burden on the individual and the healthcare system. People living with cervical SCI have identified improvement of upper limb function as a top priority. Nerve and tendon transfer surgery has successfully restored upper limb function in cervical SCI, but is not universally used or available to all eligible individuals. The barriers preventing utilization of upper limb reconstruction are a complex interrelation of individual, healthcare provider and system level factors. Our exploratory qualitative study will use an implementation science approach to better understand these factors that influence access to upper limb reconstruction in the Canadian context and design an intervention to increase access to care.

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