Ms. Mantha Kumaresh

B.Com, Dip. in Bus. Mgmnt., B.Com, Dip. in Bus. Mgmnt.

Affiliations: Trillium Health Partners

Coordinator, Executive Administration and Corporate Services, Coordinator, Executive Administration and Corporate Services

Research Interests:

Interested in implementing tools and resources for ready reference for health professionals, and/or to research systematic implementation of assessment tools for cultural relevance at the clinical settings. Also interested in finding a process model for providing collaborative home care for MAiD patients.

Brief Bio:

I am passionate about finding solutions for social issues. Being in healthcare in administrative capacity, what I experienced motivated me to find solutions to provide quality care for patients especially seniors. I am a life long learner and a team player. Interested in people, cultures and innovative solutions. Hope this learning journey will lead to some tangible innovation.

Capstone Project:

The objective of the project is to design a tool to assist Health Care Professionals in developing a culturally informed care plan that is effective and culturally appropriate for geriatric patients in the clinical settings.

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