Ms. Kathleen Camaya


Affiliations: The Hospital for Sick Children, PICU

Registered Nurse , Registered Nurse

Research Interests:

- The possible effects of climate change on health - The microbiome and its relationship with our health, chronic diseases, and prevention of infection - The use of probiotics in an acute patient setting - Future of personalized healthcare - Nutrition and its relationship with the microbiome - Communication strategies to implement evidence-based research and healthy behaviours

Brief Bio:

I have been working at SickKids for the last 8 years and have developed an interest in caring safely and improving patient outcomes. I am currently in the process of expanding my interests with my enrolment in the Translational Research Program at University of Toronto. The Translational Research Program provides its students with tools to improve health care through innovation and collaboration. With the completion of this program, I will incorporate my knowledge to SickKids and, hopefully to my research interests, such as, the microbiome and the effects of climate change to our health.

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