Kaitlyn Gonsalves

BSc (Hons)

Cohort 2018

Brief Bio:

Kaitlyn strives for insightful and nuanced discussions surrounding complex healthcare problems by fiercely advocating for patients and keeping them at the core of her solutions.

Kaitlyn confidently champions for patient advocacy within underserved communities. She passionately advocates for vulnerable communities to have equal and equitable access to healthcare. She is dedicated to providing patients with tools to navigate the healthcare system with confidence and ease. She deeply values an empathetic approach to healthcare through understanding the patient’s lived experience. She has expertise in neuroscience and immunology, and she holds a Hon. B.Sc in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour from McMaster University.



Eureka Translational Medicine , Faculty of Arts and Science and Office of the Faculty of Registrar, University of Toronto, Institute of Medical Science Student Association

Publications and Media