Mr. Sidhesh Kumar Jothilingam

BTech in Electronics and Communications Engineering, BTech in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Affiliations: Fellow at Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (Aug 17-Mar 18)

Research Interests:

Innovation frameworks, mental health, mother and child care and community based health projects and policies.

Brief Bio:

My goal is to create medical devices and solutions that are innovative, impactful and solve unique needs and challenges. I am particularly passionate about identifying problems and coming up with novel ideas which can solve problems in healthcare domain. I hope to become a med-tech entrepreneur by starting a medical devices company after the completion of this program, so I wish to dive deeper into the chosen field and convert these solutions into finished market-ready products. I have a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, I worked as a Research Assistant at Center for Product Design and Manufacturing at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore for over a year and I worked as a Fellow at the Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad for about 8 months.

Capstone Project:

"Surgeons are considered to be very innovative among medical professionals. After talking to surgical residents, we found that most surgical residents (and surgeons) identify needs and pain-points during their surgical practice;  some come up with ideas to solve these pain-points, but not everyone takes these ideas forward.   The hypothesis of this project is that the surgical tools and interventions are mostly being developed by the senior surgeons having decades of surgical experience; by introducing the concepts of innovation and creating a pathway for the residents to take their innovative ideas forward, would residents (and surgeons in the early stages of their career) be able to come up with innovative interventions?  The project aims to understand the challenges and gaps faced by surgical residents between the time they observe a need and the time they pitch their idea to potential stakeholders and start-up incubators. The focus of this project is to develop approaches to help support a culture of innovation among surgical residents."

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