Eric Rotgaus

BEd, BCom, BA, RRT, CP, BEd, BCom, BA, RRT, CP


Research Interests:

Implementation oriented project which focuses on the need for patients to have access to current and applicable information in order to make informed decisions as it relates to clinical evidence based medicine. Process integration. Knowledge translation. Implementation relating to new information, processes, technology, techniques, and equipment.

Brief Bio:

Eric is a seasoned medical professional, educator, and entrepreneur with dynamic experience in critical care, trauma, operating room, chronic care, and home care. Having trained and worked in Canada and the United States, he is a respiratory therapist with a keen interest in health care dynamics as it relates to communication, knowledge translation, education, team dynamics, and integration of technology with patient care. Eric's goal is to translate accountability and care back into healthcare. He aims to translating the need and focus back to the patient in a way that is personal, practical, and sustainable.

Capstone Project:

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