Mr. Craig Madho

BPharm, MHsc, BPharm, MHsc

Affiliations: Research Analyst, OpenLabs

Research Analyst, Knowledge Broker, Contributing Writer, Research Analyst, Knowledge Broker, Contributing Writer

Research Interests:

My research interests are grounded in two themes: 1) Defining “social enterprise” from a business perspective 2) Using “social enterprises” to create a sustainable food model to deliver better food to hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area

Brief Bio:

Craig completed his master’s degree (MHSc) in the Institute of Medical Science where he studied translational research. His capstone project involves working with the providers of nutritional education for cancer outpatients in order to assess the efficacy of the nutritional programs and revise the structure and/or material from a patient-centered perspective. His team (Kathleen Mounce, Razan Bouzeineddine, Julia Antolovich) have worked closely with 3 key cancer patient resources in Toronto; ELLICSR, Wellspring, and Gilda’s Club; as well as several cancer patients that access these resources. Through their work, they have identified gaps in programming that can be addressed by these groups in order to help deliver education on maintaining a proper diet as a cancer outpatient, which helps not only reduce the physical side effects of chemotherapy but also helps reduce long term recurrence of cancer. As a student at the U of T, Craig has had a significant impact on the graduate student community. During his time in the IMS, he has founded the IMS Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program, a data-driven mentorship program developed through a needs assessment done with graduate students in the IMS, as well as led the IMS Students Association as one of their co-presidents. For his work with the graduate community, he has been awarded the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award, UTGSU Community Development Fund, and the Roncari Book Prize. As Craig finishes his degree, he hopes to continue serving the healthcare community by working with leaders and businesses to build needs-driven products and programs through meaningful patient and end-user engagement.

Capstone Project:

Despite existence of nutrition education programs, many cancer patients are not implementing recommendations into their daily lives.

Nutrition plays a key role in the recovery and treatment experience for cancer patients. Multiple programs exist in Toronto to educate patients as to what they should eat to improve their recovery. These programs also provide meal preparation tips that consider treatment side effects, ingredient seasonality, convenience, and more.

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