Mrs. Connie Putterman


Alumni, Cohort 2017

Brief Bio:

Parent advocate for autism research and parent engagement and inclusion, Connie is the founder and visionary of the Canada/Israel Research Initiative. For twenty years, Connie has focused her professional efforts on connecting people, all with a view towards promoting partnerships, innovation, development, business strategies and new ideas. In facilitating these goals, Connie has represented the “parent voice” in research settings, publicly spoken both in Canada and overseas, managed conferences, developed programming, managed skills development, and facilitated business opportunities. Her blog- the Parent Link, and Ted Talk-Finding your Waze, reflect her perspectives. As founder of the Canada/Israel Autism Research Initiative, she helped to organize the first Canada-Israel Autism Spectrum Disorders Research Symposium. She continues to foster collaborations between scientists and look for new ways to support them. She frequently uses social media to promote parent participation in research. Along with her many years of advancing partnerships in the academic/research sector, she has also worked in the corporate sector and most recently helping corporations hire people with autism.



Founder and Visionary, Canada-Israel Autism Research Initiative- International Collaborations in Autism Research, Principal, Connie Putterman and Associates, Advisory and Advocacy in Patient/Parent Engagement in Neurodevelopmental/Autism Research, Disabilities and Inclusion, Chair, Inclusion Committee, Jewish Federation of Greater Toronto