Dr. Philip Bhoorasingh

DM (Urol), MBBS, BASc, DM (Urol), MBBS, BASc


Research Interests:

Prostatic diseases, Urethral strictures.

Brief Bio:

Philip is driven to reduce the gaps in healthcare provision in low and middle income countries. Through his experience providing urological care in Jamaica, Philip recognized a lack of accessible innovations for lower income countries. Through the TRP, Philip hopes to use translational thinking as a framework to address health care issues in low income countries like Jamaica. Philip received his undergraduate medical and postgraduate training in Urology at the University of the West Indies. He spent a year training in Canada during his urology residency. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Queen’s University.

Capstone Project:

Urinary incontinence (UI) is a common condition affecting 10-20% of women in Canada . Over 50% of these women do not seek care for their illness. This is important because UI can cause a significant negative impact on a person's physical, psychological and financial state . Knowledge gaps are among the most commonly identified barriers to care seeking behaviour. Contrarily, raised awareness can trigger an increase in care seeking behaviour. To explore this and other triggers to care seeking, we plan to conduct qualitative interviews with women about their transition from not seeking care to seeking care. Women who seek care typically do so after an average of 1-3 years with their disease. This transition period provides us with an opportunity to explore the thoughts, perceptions and motivations of non-care seeking and care-seeking states via semi-structured interviews.

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