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In 2018, fifteen Canadians died each day as a direct result of antimicrobial resistance. Trends predict that antimicrobial resistance will kill nearly 400,000 Canadians by 2050. Appropriate prescription of antibiotics is vital to decrease the spread of antibiotic resistance. To prevent and manage bacterial resistance, clinicians must prescribe antibiotics by carefully considering all of the patient and environmental factors. Crucial factors include resistance patterns and susceptibility to pathogens for several antibiotics that are seen within an institution or geographical region. For clinicians to have an overview of the resistance patterns of particular pathogens, Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs Canada have developed clinical decision-making tools-Antibiograms. Studies have supported that antibiogram consultation and their implementation reduces the number of antibiotic prescriptions in clinical institutions. Despite their availability, there is a significant lack of Antibiogram consultation both in hospitals and in primary care. Our study aims to increase the use of antibiograms by first understanding the needs and concerns of the direct users of this tool such as physicians and then to develop a solution that caters to their needs.

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