Ms. Alexandra Panicucci

Honours BSc, MHScTR

Alumni, Cohort 2015

Brief Bio:

Alex completed her master’s degree (MHSc) in the Institute of Medical Sciences where she studied Translational Research. For her graduate degree, she conducted a qualitative needs assessment of healthcare providers and caregivers administering the ketogenic diet to children with epilepsy. Alex conducted a nationwide healthcare provider survey and patient/caregiver–focused interviews. The survey gathered data on current practices and protocols in ketogenic diet clinics across Canada. The interviews were semi-structured and discussed various aspects of the caregivers’ process and experience with the ketogenic diet such as the initiation process, sources of information and ongoing support, financial impact, and impact on daily life.

Additionally, Alex has always had a defined interest in patient-centered approaches, healthcare development and impactful technology. Currently, she works at a company called Think Research where she uses her passion for medical innovation and meaningful clinical impact everyday.



Think Research, University of Toronto