Dr. Mohammad Al-Katari


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Clinical Fellow Physician in Hematology , Clinical Fellow Physician in Hematology

Research Interests:

Clinical research in hematological malignancies particularly exploring genetic & molecular profiling in high risk patients with malignant hematological malignancies and its relation to treatment response to treatment, creating a tailored approach for various heterogeneous group of the patients with the same disease as that can have a tremendous effect in moving toward the right treatment without being exposed to unnecessary waist of money .

Brief Bio:

My name is Mohammad Sami Al-Katari, a clinical Fellow in Hematology at UHN - Princess Margaret Hospital since July 1st 2016, completed successfully 2 years Clinical Fellowship in Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant from July 2016 till June 2018 and I am currently doing another Clinical Fellowship in Leukemia / Lymphoma & Myeloma, which will be completed by end of June 2020. I obtained initially my Bachelor Degree in Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) from University of Aleppo "Accredited by FAIMER" in Syria in July 2003. After that, I was involved in the research for 2 years & then completed 4 years training in Internal Medicine where I've successfully obtained Saudi Board in Internal Medicine (SB-MED) in December 2010, King Saud University Fellowship in Internal Medicine in January 2011. Then, I completed successfully with the highest score Saudi Fellowship training Program in Adult Hematology& HSCT (SF-AH; 2 years program) in Feb 2014 with almost half of the training at Oncology Center & Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center. After that, I worked at King Saud University Medical City - King Khalid University Hospital (KSUMC-KKUH); (which is recognized by Accreditation Canada) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an Internal Medicine & Adult Hematology Consultant (Staff Physician) until I joined my clinical Fellowship Program at PMH in July 2016 as mentioned above. I am very glad and excited joining the TRP as I do believe that it is the right program to enhance my skills as a clinician to translate our many theoretical research ideas into a real medical service or tool benefiting the patients in the field of malignant hematology.

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