Ahlexxi Jelen


Affiliations: Department of Psychology, The Hospital for Sick Children

Clinical Research Project Coordinator, Learning Solutions Consultant , Clinical Research Project Coordinator, Learning Solutions Consultant

Research Interests:

Psychology, Translational Research, Mixed-methods Study Design, Human Motivation & Behaviour

Brief Bio:

I am a creative research professional with over 10 years of research experience across academic, clinical and marketing settings. I possess advanced knowledge of psychology, translational research, design thinking, and mixed-methods study design. My primary interests include human motivation and behavior, strategic thinking and decision making, and solution-based problem-solving. My drive towards excellence in research is demonstrated by my dedication to build a smarter health care system and to connect individuals and organizations in meaningful ways to advance human health.

Capstone Project:

There are barriers to implementing new health care innovation into hospitals.

The aim of this project is to identify the barriers to collaborative academic-industry partnerships in the health technology sector, as well as identify common goals between these two stakeholders to determine if collaborative partnerships can be improved. Depending on our findings, this project will also determine whether a viable business opportunity exists to improve collaboration between industry and academic stakeholders in the health technology sector.

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