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It is sometimes very hard to do just from a website or a brochure.  So, we have designed several ways you can reach and engage with the TRP to see whether it is a good…

Applying to Grad School

Applying to Grad School is a significant and very personal experience.  There are many flavours of “Grad Programs” that are geared towards individual strengths and/or specific careers and learning objectives.  So it is important to that you make an informed choice–both for your future and for the expectations you have of a program.

Write us:

Educational Level


Ask a current student or our alumni questions about the program and their experiences, select “Student Ambassador” from the “Direct to:” dropdown menu.

To as curricular or logistical questions “Program Team” from the “Direct to:” drop down menu.


*Please allow for 3 business days for us to respond. 
**If you haven’t heard from us in 3 business days, something has gone terribly wrong.  Please write us directly at: TRP(at)

Information Sessions 

We schedule a series of in-person and online information sessions to help you make an better choice about our program.  We try to keep our information sessions personal so that you have an oppertunity to ask questions and engage with the facilitators. 

Usually we try to keep sessions to 8-12 spots per session but there is usually a waiting list.  So, please remember to be curtious and professional.  If you are unable to attend a session, please cancel your registration so that other people may have your spot. 

Click the Schedule button to see upcoming sessions and to register. 

Book a Consult — New this YEAR!!!  

Prospective students who have completed the SGS application form and paid the associated fee, may request a consult with one of our program team to ask direct questions about the program and personal learning objectives. 

Book a Program Consult:

You must have your SGS application form completed and have paid your SGS fee.

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Prospective Students: Listserv

If you would simply like to be informed of program developments and admissions updates, please subscribe to our admissions newsletter for prospective students.  We will send monthly highlights and information about our process. 

Unsubscribe at any time. 


"In the TRP, you’re engaged as soon as you learn the material. You’re immediately putting what you learn into practice in and outside of class.”

 - Katie Tucker, Cohort 2017