Program pathway

Over five terms, TRP students take a combination of core courses, modular courses, and electives to complete the required 8.0 full course equivalents (FCE).

To complete the TRP in five terms, students are encouraged to follow the Typical Program Pathway.


Year 1

Year 2

Winter Summer Fall Winter
Foundations in Translational Research
Rhetoric of Science
Practices & Context
Projects in Translational Research
Capstone Project in Translational Research
Modules in Translational Research
Elective Elective


All students in the Translational Research Program will be required to complete a total of 8.0 Full-Course Equivalents (FCEs). This generally looks like 5 – 6 terms or 2 years of full-time study.
1. Core courses – these are the mandatory classes you must take to complete the program
You will automatically be enrolled in these courses and they will be preloaded to your ACORN (UofT’s learning system) before the given semester.
2. Modules – a choice of modular courses you can choose depending on your interests. We change these regularly to offer different opportunities and keep the program up to date.
Students are required to complete eight modules (0.25 FCE each) spread out within 2 years of study. Students may enroll in modular courses using ACORN. The modular schedule will be emailed to students prior to the start of each semester. Modules offered outside of the program are also permitted such as ones offered by the Institute of Medical Science (IMS).
3. Electives – courses available across many graduate programs at UofT
To complete your degree requirements, you need to take 2 electives for a total of 1.0 FCE (courses offered outside the program). The TRP does not offer electives, therefore, electives must be chosen from approved courses across graduate programs at UofT.

We recommend that you take your electives in year 2. Electives should contribute to your learning outcomes, capstone project or career objectives. Before registering, students must first discuss their choices with their TRP Individual Development Plan (IDP) advisor. Electives must be graduate-level courses.

Your choice of elective must be approved by the TRP prior to the final registration date of the given term.