We live in uncertain times.
These times have been especially taxing on healthcare professionals and clinicians.  Some have had to adjust to significantly different workflows and entirely different responsibilities or roles–and many have had little time to breath much less consider what will happen in the fall when the “second wave” hits.
The TRP is intended to help people innovate, explore new opportunities, and to think outside the (new) normal.  To acknowledge requests from prospective students in the healthcare sector, to ensure that we are not limiting opportunities to qualified individuals, AND to acknowledge the current logistical challenges, the TRP will be extending our application deadline and adding a series of information sessions at varying times.
We will continue to review expressions of interest and applications from qualified prospective students until July 17th, 2020.
If you are looking for a professional graduate opportunity that will help you work on becoming a more innovative and creative problem-solver, an intrapreneur or a better Translational Researcher attend one of our Info Sessions or contact us to book an individual Consult.
If you have any questions, please do. not hesitate to contact us at trp@utoronto.ca
Keep safe.