Pillars of Health

Pillars of Health is a biannual health networking event that seeks to bring together health and research professionals from across disciplines to break down the silos of health care and discuss challenges, gaps, and innovation.

Upcoming Pillars of Health

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Speakers From Our Previous Event: 

Dr. Michael Floros

Founder & CEO, Cohesys


Yasaman Soudagar, PhD

Founder & CEO, Neuroscence Inc.


Shawn Glinter

Founder & CEO, Pendant Biosciences


What is Pillars of Health? 

Healthcare innovation cannot be done in silos. It requires the interplay of various actors with different expertise: researchers entrepreneurs clinicians healthcare administrators government officials and industry executives. These are the people that make up the pillars of health and represent the sectors that have played integral roles in the development and maintenance of human health. In order to truly drive meaningful healthcare innovation its stakeholders must work together.

Pillars of Health is an interdisciplinary networking event with the mission to provide a platform for members of the health community to interact discuss ideas and share information freely with like-minded individuals.

Hosted in partnership with the Health Innovation Hub (H2i) and the University of Toronto’s Translational Research Program it is a unique opportunity to establish significant connections with likeminded individuals across traditional silos.

Read more about our past events below. 

If you are a current or aspiring member of the health community with a passion for advancing Canadian innovation in health and life sciences please join us  #pillarsofhealthTO.


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Our Vision


Pillars of Health is more than a networking event, it’s a community. Pillars of Health is managed by an executive committee of TRP students who are passionate about health innovation and recognize the need for interdisciplinary teams to bring research to application. We aim to bring together researchers, innovators, and front-line workers who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet and discuss challenges in healthcare. Between events, we want these conversations to continue and sustain new collaborations.


I met interesting people and many of the connections could become important for my venture.

Amol Rao

Founder, Somnitude Inc.

Our Last Event: Learning from Failure in Health Innovation

Monday, March 25th, 2019

- Nabilah Juma, Cohort 2017

The TRP gives us an opportunity to hear from different discussants every week. It’s inspiring to interact with individuals who have so much experience to share, whether it’s their successes or failures.