M.Sc. Biotechnology, M.H.Sc. Medical Genomics

Communications, Marketing, and Recruitment Assistant

Brief Bio:

Zoya is a biotechnologist with a strong genetic grasp and business acumen. She joined the Medical genomics program to learn the current trends in genetics along with understanding how to better communicate science to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between genetic experts and non-professionals. She likes to think of herself as a Jack of all trades and master of some. Zoya currently works as a Communications, Marketing, and Recruitment Coordinator for the Translational Research Program.

Research Interests:

Passionate about communicating the intricacies of genetics and endeavour to help in the translation of novel genetic technologies into the clinic. Aspires to set up a non-profit that helps affected individuals comprehend and manage various genetic disorders.


Translational Research Program, University of Toronto


"The TRP gives us an opportunity to hear from different discussants every week. It’s inspiring to interact with individuals who have so much experience to share, whether it’s their successes or failures.”

 - Nabilah Juma, Cohort 2017