Business Development Translator

Brief Bio:

Tatiana is an accomplished global executive with 20 years of multi-disciplinary expertise in strategy and implementation spanning across healthcare, scientific research, education, government, and business organizations. AI, big data, and data analytics are at the core of all of her work engagements. Tatiana strongly believes that people, communication, integrity, and positive work culture are key assets of modern business operations. Tatiana is a collaborative, innovative, and motivating leader. She is an excellent communicator with extensive experience in business development, performance and risk management, negotiation and delivery, contract bidding, and international grants writing. At the TRP, Tatiana teaches the Economics of Healthcare module.

Research Interests:


SOSCIP Consortium


"The TRP really speaks to the patient-centred approach to research.”

 - Connie Putterman, Parent Advocate, Cohort 2017