Affiliate scientist

Brief Bio:

Dr. Choi's research is focused on the following areas: - Refining ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia techniques to improve efficacy and safety. This involves developing novel techniques to reduce the amount of local anesthetic used and limit unintended spread, as well as using continuous catheter techniques to provide extended duration analgesia. - Evaluating the effects of regional anesthesia on long-term functional outcome after orthopaedic surgery to determine if superior analgesia in the early postoperative period affects the incidence of chronic postoperative pain and functional outcome. - Evaluating the effects of anesthesia on perioperative morbidity and mortality, recovery, and postoperative cognitive dysfunction.

Research Interests:

- Regional anesthesia techniques - Effects of anesthesia on cognitive outcome and recovery after orthopaedic surgery - Perioperative outcomes


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


"What drew me to this program was that it’s unique in offering a customizable learning scheme and keeping the patient in mind when addressing problems in healthcare.”

 - Paige Gilbank, Cohort 2017