Ron Beleno
Supportive Translator,

Brief Bio

Mr. Ron Beleno is an active advocate for dementia, caregiving, aging, and research communities. Being a caregiver to his father, who lived with Alzheimer's for 10+ years at home, Mr. Beleno utilized technology, community, and access to research to help his family live well and as best as possible. He has traveled the journey of a patient, research participant, collaborator, co-designer, and project lead on numerous research and industry endeavours internationally. A strong supporter of patient engagement, Mr. Beleno is an advisor to organizations such as AGE-WELL NCE, Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation at Baycrest, Primary Health Care Patient Engagement Resource Centre, and Mr. Beleno is also a supportive educator. He mentors and supports the next generation of researchers with enthusiasm. His unique perspectives fill projects with purpose.