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Mr. Ron Beleno is an active advocate for dementia, caregiving, aging, and research communities. Being a caregiver to his father, who lived with Alzheimer's for 10+ years at home, Mr. Beleno utilized technology, community, and access to research to help his family live well and as best as possible. He has traveled the journey of a patient, research participant, collaborator, co-designer, and project lead on numerous research and industry endeavours internationally. A strong supporter of patient engagement, Mr. Beleno is an advisor to organizations such as <a href="">AGE-WELL NCE</a>, <a href="">Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation</a> at Baycrest, <a href="">Primary Health Care Patient Engagement Resource Centre</a>, and <a href=""></a>. Mr. Beleno is also a supportive educator. He mentors and supports the next generation of researchers with enthusiasm. His unique perspectives fill projects with purpose.

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"The TRP gives us an opportunity to hear from different discussants every week. It’s inspiring to interact with individuals who have so much experience to share, whether it’s their successes or failures.”

 - Nabilah Juma, Cohort 2017