Oscar David Palacio Vasquez

Brief Bio

Currently starting an MHSc in Translational Medical Research Program at the University of Toronto and have completed a BSc in Medical Sciences (honours) at Brock University. My commitment to advocating and helping everyone around me succeed has allowed me to partake in incredible opportunities locally and globally. My constant involvement has permitted me to work with amazing people whom I can share my passion and at the same time work together to better the health of many individuals through innovation, leadership, and empathy. Working along with multiple professors I've had the opportunity to conduct three different undergrad research studies in the areas of epidemiology, cardiovascular, and quality improvement. These have expanded my knowledge and allowed me to observe from a very unique perspective the multiple issues we can encounter in healthcare every day but the great potential there is to work all together and improve the lives of many. I had the chance to present my research studies at different conferences including the Canadian Global Health - Students and young professionals’ summit at the University of Toronto and in Orlando, Florida at the IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. If you are willing to advocate, listen, learn, and lead the path for those whose voice is not heard, then let us work together for the betterment of society!