Nathalie Trinh

Brief Bio

Nathalie Trinh is a Vietnamese Canadian, born and raised in the city of Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from McMaster University with a B. Sc in Biology and a minor in Psychology in 2020. Currently, she works as a clinical trials assistant for IQVIA which is a clinical trial data company partnered with Roche pharmaceuticals. Nathalie has a strong passion for the sciences and has always been fascinated by the scientific world and what she can accomplish in her life-long journey of learning. She also has an interest in how knowledge is intersectional and how it can be connected across multiple disciplines. She also has a lot of external involvement where she is committed to dedicating time to supporting the Vietnamese Canadian community through her work with the Vietnamese-student community and volunteering for Viet-based charity organizations. She has a strong passion for encouraging young leaders and help lead their growth. In her free time, Nathalie likes to cook, play guitar, practice karate and catch up with friends.