Program Director - Health Challenge Program

Brief Bio:

Kelley Parato is a born problem-solver. Throughout her career, she's been the type of person who sees challenges to be addressed, rather than problems that can't be solved. How fitting then, that as the Program Director for our Disruptive Technology Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Challenge program, she's now been tasked with addressing some of the key issues affecting the accessibility and affordability of cutting-edge cell and gene therapies in Canada. "My current role is not entirely dissimilar to my previous roles in the private sector," says Parato. "But in the past I didn't have access to the sort of robust toolbox available at the NRC, including the breadth of multidisplinary research that goes on here."

Research Interests:


National Research Council Canada


"This program provided me with the tools and network to discover my research interests, as well as help, find my dream career path. "