Ella Korets-Smith, MSc Medical Genetics, MBA

Principal, CEO, Director

Principal, EKS Business Development, CEO and Director, TO Health!

Brief Bio:

Ella is passionate about creating value for biotech and medical device companies through building strong relationships. In her 10 years in industry, Ella worked with small and large, public and private life science and medical device companies, holding positions such as Director Business Development and Director Market Development with a track record of closing deals and leading
successful marketing and business development programs.  Examples of her accomplishments
include in-licensing a new product from Merck KGaA into Immunovaccine’s portfolio, allowing the
company to raise over $7 million in financing, planning and implementing Nordion’s market expansion plan including Gamma Centre of Excellence, a premier research facility focused on growing the gamma market, and completing a market entry strategy for Synergy Health, a large publically traded company, to support the largest organic growth investment case in the company’s history.  Ella’s extensive and growing network of business leaders extends her reach to customers and partners in key markets in North America and around the world.  Ella has an MSc in Medical Genetics from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Dalhousie University.