Brief Bio:

Dr. Héon is an Ophthalmologist and the Henry Brent Chair in Innovative Pediatric Ophthalmology Research. She is a clinician-scientist in the field of Ocular Genetics, Director of the Eye Genetics Program and Senior Associate Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute in the program of Genetics & Genomic Biology. Dr. Héon carries both clinical and basic research projects. Her laboratory, supported by peer-reviewed grants, is involved in the genetic analysis of inherited eye disorders such retinal dystrophies most specifically. She has developed an international reputation in the field of ocular genetics. In addition to her numerous administrative activities, Dr. Héon has a busy teaching schedule dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students as well as clinical and research fellows.

Research Interests:

Inherited eye disorders: gene discovery, genotype-phenotype correlations, clinical trials


The Hospital for Sick Children



"What drew me to this program was that it’s unique in offering a customizable learning scheme and keeping the patient in mind when addressing problems in healthcare.”

 - Paige Gilbank, Cohort 2017