Jennifer Stinson
Associate Professor, Nurse Practitioner, Scientist
Nursing, Paediatrics, University of Toronto

Brief Bio

Dr. Jennifer Stinson is a Nurse Clinician-Scientist in Child Health Evaluative Sciences and an Advanced Practice Nurse in the Chronic Pain Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Western Ontario, Master’s of Science from the University of Toronto, a Post-Master’s Paediatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate from the State University at SUNY Buffalo, and a PhD in Nursing from University of Toronto in 2006. Her major clinical research interests are in the area of pain and symptom management and the use of e-health (internet) and m-health (mobile phones) technologies to improve the assessment and management of pain and other symptoms in children with chronic illnesses. Dr. Stinson developed and tested a multidimensional electronic pain diary for children with chronic pain for her PhD dissertation. During her post-doctoral work funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, she developed an Internet based chronic disease self-management prototype and evaluated it in adolescents with chronic arthritis. She is also interested in developing and evaluating novel interprofessional paediatric pain curricula for health care professionals. She recently received Career Scientist Awards from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Canadian Arthritis Network for her research on using e-health and m-health to promote chronic disease self-management in youth with painful chronic and life-threatening health conditions. Stinson is also actively involved in the Canadian Pain Society serving as secretary, newsletter editor and most recently as co-chair of the scientific program committee. Research Interests “My research focuses on using information and communication technologies to improve the assessment and management of pain and other syptoms in children with chronic and life threatening health conditions.” Promoting shared-management (children [8-11 years] and their parents jointly manage the disease) and self-management (youth 12-18 years) in paediatric chronic and life-threatening health conditions Electronic diaries to monitor and support clinical decision making regarding pain and other symptoms Internet-based disease management and transitional care programs to improve child health outcomes Knowledge translation Inter-professional pain education Mixed methods research Dr. Stinson’s PubMed link is available here