Darius Jehan



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Dr. Bägli was recruited back to Canada from the United States to initiate a new direction in the evolution of the Urology Division at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) to create a basic research sphere of activity within the division. Dr. Bägli became a member of the surgical staff at SickKids and the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, in 1995. He is certified in Urologic Surgery by both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the American College of Surgery, and the Society For Pediatric Urology. Dr. Bägli is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto and a full member of the graduate school's Institute of Medical Science. Dr. Bägli obtained his MD from McGill University, completed an NIH Research Fellowship and Urology Residency training at Harvard Medical School, and Pediatric Urology Fellowship training at the University of Washington. Dr. Bägli is a Senior Attending Paediatric Urologist and Associate Surgeon-In-Chief at The Hospital For Sick Children, and Senior Associate Scientist in the SickKids' Research Institute where he heads translational cell and molecular biology research in smooth muscle mechanotransduction and cell signaling.

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"I’m in class with diverse individuals who have different perspectives, and we share our ideas and learn from each other.”