Affiliate scientist

Brief Bio:

Dr. Orser's scientific research is driven by several fundamental questions: how do general anesthetics work, what are their adverse effects and how can such adverse effects be prevented? Her team is currently studying how anesthetic drugs cause the profound memory loss that is required during surgery and how they contribute to long-term cognitive deficits that occur in patients the postoperative period. Dr. Orser’s laboratory was the first to demonstrate the unique pharmacological properties of extrasynaptic GABAA receptors and the exquisite sensitivity of these receptors to general anesthetic drugs. These receptors are now being targeted for novel treatments for a variety of neurological disorders including cognitive deficits, chronic pain and depression.

Research Interests:

Neuroscience, ,echanisms of anesthetic and GABAA receptor physiology


Sunnybrook Research Institute


"The instructors are fantastic. They challenge your thinking.”

 - Saddaf Syed, Researcher, Cohort 2017