Asha Behdinan
Research Assistant
Global Strategy Lab

Brief Bio

Asha Behdinan is currently studying medicine at the University of Toronto, and is a graduate of McMaster University's Bachelor of Arts & Science Program (Class of 2015) with a minor in economics. As an undergraduate student, Asha has served as a research assistant at the Global Strategy Lab (UOttawa), Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (McMaster University), and the McMaster Health Forum (McMaster University). At the Global Strategy Lab, Asha has collaborated on publications exploring the contents of a potential treaty for antimicrobial resistance to enhance global leadership and coordination between state and non-state stakeholders. In her research roles at McMaster University, Asha has assisted on numerous projects, including the development of high-level issue briefs and citizen panels on multimorbidity and end of life care in Ontario, qualitative data analysis on the role of public engagement in health technology analysis, and data collection on cancer screening perception in Canada. Asha's research interests are focused on how global governance structures can be used and reformed to generate collective action on pressing global health equity challenges, such as access to medicines, antimicrobial resistance, and health systems financing. She will be pursuing these interests this summer at the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe in International Health Regulations.