Core Pedagogy

We believe that anyone can learn to be a more creative problem-solver! 

Our philosophies and approaches to teaching are geared towards self-reliant students who want more than the traditional one-directional teaching of large classroom lectures.  We cater to learners who are open to reflection, iteration, failure, taking initiative and working in and with multidisciplinary teams.

Talking about issues and learning from others is as much a part of our approach as being adaptable and open to ‘unlearning’ rigid and absolute binary approaches.

We continually remind students to keep asking:

  • What can I learn here?
  • How can reframe this to benefit my learning?
  • How can I integrate this and make it my own?
  • How do I write my own “textbook”?

This is not your traditional classroom.

Our approach & Focus:

Experiential Learning: learning-based conceptual understandings rooted in observations and reflections from concrete experiences of testing knowledge.

Reflective: central to experiential learning and allows for the integration of experiences with existing knowledge into abstractions that represent deeper learning and possible solutions to for prototyping and testing.  This is a recursive process that helps transform surface learning into deep learning through synthesis and interpretation of experiences, but involves significant commitment and dedication by the learner. 

Facilitative Mentorship: personalized, participatory and iterative teaching that promotes self-learning, critical thinking and self-actualization

Person(Patient, Physician, People)-Centered: translational thinking should start with the patient and end in tangible benefits tailor made to suit their needs;

Iterative Problem-Based Research: translational research involves contextually-sensitive solutions through iterative systematic analysis, design, development, and implementation;

Translational Thinking: our approach to innovation is to focus on actual NEEDS by: Empathizing with people to identify issues; Defining a focused Problem/research question; Ideating multiple possible solutions to: Prototype and Test for feedback and iterative improvement

Collaborative & Self-Directed Learning: individually initiated and managed learning activities pursued through learning communities, discourse and knowledge exchange

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