Path To Translation

By: Zoya Retiwalla | TRP | October 17, 2019

With no challenge, there is no change and with the continual evolution of our policies, practices, and population, the TRP is making sure that healthcare keeps up,” says Meghan Lofft – TRP alumna Class 2018, describing how the TRP helped her in discovering herself. 
Healthcare is undergoing a dynamic shift with the ever-evolving spectrum of translational science. These days, in health science, it seems like everyone is talking about “Translation”. It comes in numerous flavours and seldom does everyone at the table agree upon the meaning. Simply put, translation is the process of turning observations in the laboratory, clinic, and/or community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public — ranging from diagnostics and therapeutics to medical procedures and behavioural changes (NCATS-NIH). We at the TRP believe translation is the process of turning knowledge, observations, and discoveries into interventions (via application or commercialization) that positively impact the health of patients. Breakthrough scientific research is an indispensable cornerstone of healthcare. However, if this research never truly translates into the clinic, interventions that could improve patient health would never be found.  
We at the Translational Research Program, take a patient-centered approach to translation, to promote evidence-based interventions that are impactful to patients and help improve lives. Our philosophy at the TRP is to raise actionable questions and prepare individuals to translate observations into innovations.  
If this ideology intrigues you, come meet our team and learn how you could become a part of our unique program that is more than just a degree. It is a hands-on leadership experience that will change the way you approach problems in healthcare. 
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