As part of the partner projects the Translational Research Program students have embarked on, they are expected to meet with members of their respective organization who will be mentoring them throughout the translational research thinking process.
On December 7th one of the groups had their first partner visit where they engaged in a lively conversation with Eric Landriault, director of innovation and Samantha Fitzsimons from Saint Elizabeth Health Care; An organization dedicated to provide a range of integrated care solutions that respond to clients, communities, and health system needs across Canada.
During the partner visit the students and mentors discussed patients’ experiences focusing on transitions to home after knee and hip replacement surgeries. Together the team identified areas of concern with the current model and ways in which patient experience could be improved.
Costs associated with the current model, Canadian Healthcare system, and analysis of innovative international models and best practices were raised for consideration.
The students will continue to meet with their mentors regularly in order submerge themselves within the organization to further explore ways in which they can overcome current challenges including; caregiver distress, transitions, palliative care and equity.