Advisory Board

The Translational Research Program Advisory Committee is responsible for advising on matters associated with the TRP that help the program fulfil its core Vision and Mission.  They are a collection of experienced and motivated academics, researchers, community and industry members…

TRP students are eligible for scholarships

TRP students are eligible to apply for...
Advisory Board

The Advisory Committee provides recommendations to the Director of the Translational Research Program to:

  • Support training students that facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries
  • Support an infrastructure for translational projects
  • Support a Translational Research community
  • Create sustainability and growth for the program
  • Create long-term value in the TRP for students and the community


University of Toronto:

Ulrich Krull
Vice-President and Principle,

Richard Hegele
Vice-Dean, Research and International Relations,
Faculty of Medicine

Allan Kaplan
Vice-Dean Education, Faculty of Medicine

Lynn Wilson
Vice-Dean Partnerships, Faculty of Medicine

Mingyao Liu,
Director of the Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine

Gary Levy
Professor, IMS, Faculty of Medicine

Ruth Ross
Professor, Chair: Pharmacology / Toxicology

Paul Santerre
Professor, IBBME, Faculty of Medicine

Norm Rosenblum
Associate-Dean, Physician Scientist Training, Faculty of Medicine

Industry & Community:

Paul Dugsin
Community Member, Magnus Associates, Managing Partner

Jason Field
President & CEO, Life Sciences Ontario

Andris Lauris
Mentor / Entrepreneur

Reza’s Testimonial

Reza’s Testimonial

“I’ve done research a certain way for many years but this program has taught me how to efficiently and effectively move forward in an innovative way.”

- Dr. Reza MD (Sick Kids Nuclear Medicine, Associate Professor UofT)