Advisory Board

The Translational Research Program Advisory Committee is responsible for advising on matters associated with the TRP that help the program fulfil its core Vision and Mission.  They are a collection of experienced and motivated academics, researchers, community and industry members …

The Advisory Committee provides recommendations to the Director of the Translational Research Program to:

  • Support training students that facilitate the translation of scientific discoveries
  • Support an infrastructure for translational projects
  • Support a Translational Research community
  • Create sustainability and growth for the program
  • Create long-term value in the TRP for students and the community


University of Toronto:

Ulrich Krull
Vice-President and Principle,

Richard Hegele
Vice-Dean, Research and International Relations,
Faculty of Medicine

Allan Kaplan
Vice-Dean Education, Faculty of Medicine

Lynn Wilson
Vice-Dean Partnerships, Faculty of Medicine

Mingyao Liu,
Director of the Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine

Gary Levy
Professor, IMS, Faculty of Medicine

Ruth Ross
Professor, Chair: Pharmacology / Toxicology

Paul Santerre
Professor, IBBME, Faculty of Medicine

Norm Rosenblum
Associate-Dean, Physician Scientist Training, Faculty of Medicine

Cynthia Goh, Professor Chemistry, Dir Impact Centre


Industry & Community:

Paul Dugsin
Community Member, Magnus Associates, Managing Partner

Jason Field
President & CEO, Life Sciences Ontario

Andris Lauris
Mentor / Entrepreneur