Nurturing Community Acts of Kindness For a Better Tomorrow
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Nurturing Community Acts of Kindness For a Better Tomorrow

Kimberly Crasta & Tyler Redublo for the TRP | August 2022

TRP Students Help Fred Victor Fight Homelessness in the GTA

TRP Service Committee: Kimberly Crasta, Tyler Redublo, Jaspreet Randhawa, Samuel Neumark, Sai-Amrit Maharaj, & Radhika Prabhune

As students of the Translation Research Program, we believe that a healthy tomorrow is bigger than just the ‘science’. Healthcare is equal parts medicine & care and being active in our community is central to our education. The TRP Service Club was formed to put into practice our beliefs. The group’s launch initiative that took place in December 2021 raised $2,183 for the SickKids Toy Drive, surpassing our goal of $500.

For our second initiative, after nearly four months of planning, organization, gathering donations, and packing, on August 5th, 2022, the TRP Service Club collected over 400 items to donate 5 Full Home Starter Kits to help people fighting homelessness.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged not just our health, but also people’s ability to afford basic necessities of life, increasing the number of people experiencing homelessness. In response and as part of its ongoing efforts, the City of Toronto selected Fred Victor through an RFP process to operate the housing and provide 24/7 support services on Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario. The project has two phases. The first phase is the renovation of the existing motel (pictured below), followed by the construction of a new five-story modular building. Upon construction completion of the building, it will provide 86 units of deeply affordable housing with 24/7 support services to the community! (Image 1 & 2)

Image 1: Kingston Rd. Supportive Housing Site – Building 1- Existing renovated motel units

Image 2: Interior Look of a Single Housing Unit (credit: Sam Neumark)

Our team was incredibly inspired by this project, and we wanted to contribute in an impactful way. So, we partnered with the wonderful individuals at Fred Victor, to create full home starter kits that will help individuals get started in their new homes!

We held a donation drive that was promoted on social media, for household items to create 5 Full Home Starter Kits. From blankets to toothbrushes and cutlery, these Home Starter Kits consisted of essential household products that would support the tenants moving into their new homes! For over 2 months, we collected donations from TRP students, University of Toronto faculty, family, friends, and our community! With everyone’s generous contributions, we received over 400 household items, worth over $2,500, helping us surpass our donation goal. Our team hand-delivered the kits on location and joined Fred Victor on a tour of the new facilities! (Image 3-5)

We wish the new tenants a safe and enjoyable transition during this important time of their lives!

Image 3: A) Donated Items  B)TRP Service club members Sai, Kim & Sam Organizing & Packing Items for Transportation (left to right)

Image 4: A-B) Transporting & Delivering of Kits featuring Sam C) Kit Delivery Completed!

Thank you to Fred Victor for the amazing opportunity to give back to an important cause! Thank you to our TRP family for their support and selflessness! And of course, Thank you to our University of Toronto Community who continue to support us!

Image 5: A) TRP Service Club Members Jaspreet, Sam, & Kim (left to right). B) TRP Service Members with Fred Victor Representative, Maria & Katy (Left to right)