This course is designed as the ‘container’ for student-driven capstone projects that are the primary experiential learning mechanism in the TRP.  Capstone Projects are the opportunity for students to identify, propose and execute a meaningful translational research project with tangible benefits for human health.


Learning Objectives:



The Capstone Project is the opportunity for students to demonstrate the:


  • Ability to establish mechanisms & practices promoting trust, teamwork & collaboration;
  • To Learn from experiences (to mitigate future risk);
  • The capacity to work with and include others;
  • The ability to encourage new ideas;
  • Ability to establish Maintain networks & partnerships;
  • Capacity to negotiate effectively to resolve problems;
  • Implementation &communication skills;
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • To identify and manage Risk; and
  • Ability to recognize and reward success.


Course Description:



In this course, students develop self-directed capstone projects supported by the teaching team. Students have the opportunity to the shape of their work develop context-specific knowledge. The projects provide real-world opportunities to network and develop professional contacts through a variety of activities and methodologies that include (but not limited to): interviews, engaging contacts as mentors, capstone committee members and collaborators. Students learn to create professional proposals, reports, presentations and supporting documents. Through their group work, students will demonstrate problem-solving and leadership skills in real-world contexts.


Capstone proposals are generally developed after the second term.  The main criteria for a Capstone project is that it attempts to leverage knowledge and research to improve human health and provides opportunities for students to demonstrate the above learning outcomes.





Students work collaboratively with a TRP Faculty Lead.  Each Capstone Project team has an Advisory committee and provides monthly updates to their peers.  However, the individual activities, milestones, timelines and deliverables differ based on the specific project.







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